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EPHS Alumni Museum


In 1984, Principal Luis Cortes, class of 1955, realized the history of EPHS and the need to preserve it.  With the help of the PTSA, “The El Paso High School Historical Society” was officially established on August 2, 1985. Currently, the EPHS Museum is on the first floor of the school adjacent to the student activities room and is not ADA compliant or accessible to the public.   Currently, the EPHS Museum is without a home, as our space is needed for classrooms.


The EPHS Alumni is pursuing our dream to build a self-standing EPHS Alumni Museum on campus. It will be open to alumni, friends and the public on a regular basis, ADA accessible and showcase the traditions and history and telling stories of the thousands who have gone through her halls.


The Alumni Association plans to develop the museum in 3 phases.  EPSID has given us the former custodian’s house located on campus, south of EPHS at the edge of the football field.  The EPHS Alumni Association is raising 100% of the funds for the project to preserve and protect our history.   We need your help with financial gifts, in kind gifts such as digitizing services, museum experience, preservation expertise, etc. 

View from Museum Building

View from Museum

We are approaching the project in three phases.


Phase 1 | 2018

Completely remodel and expand the outside of the building to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and upgrade to meet building codes as required by the City of El Paso and EPISD.


Phase 2 | 2019 (as funds are available)

Finish the build out of the inside of the building. Furnish and install the museum with a multimedia capability and humidity controlled display cases to highlight and protect the artifacts.


Phase 3 | 2020

With the guidance and consultation of professional museum curators and preservationists, the Alumni Association will begin the process of conserving over 100 years of El Paso’s historic and precious artifacts by digitizing, restoring and cataloging all items associated with the history of both the school and the city.  As the items are restored and cataloged, we will display them in preparation for the grand opening.

This is an incredible opportunity to preserve and display not only the history of the Lady on theHill, but our beloved city.  We cannot do this without you. We need your financial assistance to complete this project.  Contributions can be mailed to PO Box 5024, El Paso, 79953, or contact Amada Flores (915) 329-4795 or Anna Mares (915) 449-5720. 

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