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History & Traditions

The Lady on the Hill

The original El Paso High School (EPHS) started as Central High School in 1885. El Paso High School opened the doors of the current building at 805 E. Schuster for school on September 18, 1916.   The Lady on the Hill celebrated her 100th birthday on September 2016. (click for more)

Alumni Making History

With well over a 100 years of graduates and thousands of Tigers that have attended El Paso High School, we have mentioned just a few (there is no way to mention everyone) that have made history throughout the years.  (Click for more)


EPHS is steeped in tradition. Some spanning from the beginning, such as the Alumni Association, and others such as the C.D. Jarvis Tournament, Battle of the Claw and Eve of the E have become a tradition throughout the years.  Tradition...that's what bonds us as Tigers.  (Click for more)

R. R. Jones Stadium

Known as one of the “10 high school football stadiums to see before you die”, best stadium in the state of Texas and selected as one of the “10 Texas high school stadiums you have to see.  We call it home. (Click for more)

EPHS Fight Song - EPHS Band
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The El Paso High Alumni Association is a 501(c)3 
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