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The mission of the EPHS Alumni Association is the same as it was over 90 years ago:


"To preserve and protect the history and traditions of the El Paso High School by working with the school to foster loyalty among alumni and continuing support of various school activities!"


The EPHS Alumni Association continues to do this by providing scholarships each year to graduating seniors; honoring alumni each year as an Outstanding Ex, and play a large role in Homecoming and the C.D. Jarvis Tournament. 

EPHS Membership $35

(special membership promotion valid until 12/31/2024)



all monetary gifts are tax-deductible




Since 2009 the Alumni Association has given The El Paso High School over $85,000 in the form of gifts, scholarships, and other donations.   Since the early 1980’s the El Paso High School Alumni Association has been a 501(c) (3) Nonprofit Organization. All monetary gifts are tax deductible.

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